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 Your Ole Buddy Carlisle Johnny has been to alot of places and seen alot of great cars and people. As we have always said ..“Its about..The people, stories and the old klunkers we love, romance and question”  Car Show season is just around the corner here on the East Coast. We will be reporting from Spring Carlisle 2012 on April 25th-April 29th. Thank you for supporting Carlisle Johnny.com ..Enjoy the show and expect many more adventures from Carlisle Johnny..

About the author


Welcome to Carlisle Johnny. My name is Johnny B and I have been an avid car crazed nut since age 13 years old. I purchased my first classic car at age 15, a 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Convertible. Since then I have owned, sold, suffered and romanced over a 147 cars, and I haven’t looked back. I always tell people its not the cars or trucks it’s the stories and people behind them. I love all kinds of cars, but I lean more towards classics from the 30’s and 40’s, Triumphs, Old Crusty VW’s and Benz’s. However, I enjoy all kinds of vehicles of various years. I have spent the last 30 years in the Auto Parts Industry but also spent many years as a classic car appraiser in Carlisle Pa.(home of the famous Carlisle Fairgrounds) where I was a sponsor. During that time as an appraiser I traveled across the U.S. appraising wonderful cars and meeting incredible people. I spent time working as one of the head appraisers on the “Harold LeMay” collection. Which is one of the worlds largest collections, with 3,100 plus classic vehicles. In addition I have also worked on the Lincoln Highway 75th anniversary tour and had the honor to do the first leg across the U.S. as well as going to Barrett-Jackson numerous times. On the weekends you can find me singing Karaoke at The Village Way in Port Jefferson,New York. www.me4portjeff.com Through it all I still say its always about the people and the stories along the way. So that’s the main purpose of this site. The people, stories and the old klunkers we love, romance and question. So your invited to join in for a fun ride… Thanks from Johnny B “The Car Whisperer”

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